AIMViewerDetail Contains detailed information for an individual viewer detected by AIM.
  CommandRoutedEventArgs Command event arguments.
  Device Device definition
  File Represents the attributes of a physical file uploaded by the user to the platform.
  Location Location definition
  Module Defines an individual template module or 'zone'
  ModuleOption Encapsulates a template module option
  ModuleOptions Identifiers for possible template module options
  ModuleTypes Identifiers for the various types of template modules
  NavigationRoutedEventArgs Contains the current navigation request properties.
  PlayedRoutedEventArgs Media played event arguments.
  Playlist A playlist is a collection of sources. The type of playlist determines the type of sources compatible with the playlist.
  PlaylistTypes The type of playlist determines which of the source types are compatible.
  QueryAIMResponseEventArgs Contains the results of an AIM query.
  Schedule Scheduling details for a playlist or template.
  Source A source represents a single playlist entity which has a specified position and duration in the playlist.
  SourceTypes Playlists are composed of multiple sources identified by one of the following source types.
  Template Template definition
  TemplateClickedEventArgs Event args for template mouse clicks. Contains x and y coordinates for the click event.
  TransitionTypes Available effects for transitioning between images in a slideshow
  CommandRoutedEventHandler Handler for command events.
  NavigationRoutedEventHandler Handler for navigation request events.
  PlayedRoutedEventHandler Handler for media played events.
  QueryAIMResponseEventHandler Event handler for query responses from the AIM server.
  TemplateClickedEventHandler Event handler for template mouse clicks.
  AIMQueryTypes Intel Audience Impression Metric (AIM) API Query Types
  DayOfWeek Integer bitmask values representing days of the week
  DisplayMode Multiple display spanning mode
  InputDeviceType Input type for tuner device
  Orientation Template display orientation
  VideoFormatType Video format type for tuner device
  IController Centralized hub for interfacing with the player. Used for accessing schedules, templates, modules, etc.
  IRevelControl Interfaces with a running template module or 'zone'. Represents the actual WPF control used to render to the module content.
  ITemplate Interfaces with the actively running template. Represents the actual WPF main window and is the parent of all template modules or 'zones'.

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